All For Fun (Series) (1981-1983)

All For Fun
All For Fun was a one-hour children's series produced by CKY-TV in Winnipeg. Al Simmons and his wife Barbara Freundl portrayed a variety of characters as they entertained and educated young viewers with skits, jokes, songs, experiments, crafts and visits to interesting places.

The series taped two seasons and was syndicated to several markets, airing in reruns in some markets as late as 1990.

Al Simmons
Barbara Freundl

Original Broadcaster(s): CKY

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byClick here to see the profile of this user, July 1, 2006
I especially remember the segments when the actors did sketches with their shoes on their hands. I can still remember laughing so hard. And of course the segments with the professor character were good too. This was a great local show. I hope i'll be able to see it again one day if episodes are archived somewhere

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