Archie and His Friends (Series) (1965-1986)

Archie and His Friends
Archie and His Friends, produced by CKY-TV Winnipeg, was an on-going half-hour series for pre-school children in which ventriloquist Uncle Bob and puppet Archie Wood entertained children with crafts, animals and birthday telephone calls. Guests of interest to children were introduced frequently. Other puppet characters on the show included Grandpa Wood, Tammy True, Marvin Mouse and Petite.

Bob Swartz .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CKY

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byClick here to see the profile of this user mtsmaven, November 13, 2009
There is one more puppet to add to the list. Do you all remember "Duchess?" She was the sleeping fluffy white poodle. Uncle Bob could never seem to fully rouse her. Hilarious! I also loved Petite! Her rapid "umhum umhum umhum's" still make me smile! When Uncle Bob wished me a happy 6th birthday on air it was one of the happiest childhood memories for me! I faithfully watched each day and followed Bob Schwartz and his excellent puppetry right through the "Funtown" days. By then I was an adult, but the magic was still there for me. I miss the show, and wish I could share it with my kids now.
byClick here to see the profile of this user greazychikkin, November 1, 2009
I remember him as mayor of funtown, and yeah he got his hand caught in les litters mouth with an "easy Les !" on more than one occasion ! great site this !
LOL, I used to watch this show all the time when I was a kid.
You forgot about Robbie the Robot!! Uncle Bob sometimes got his hand caught in the mouth when it was opening and closing... never knew if the crew did that too, or if he did it himself for a laugh!
Archie and His Friends - for all ages!
Bob Schartz set himself up and raked in a bunch of laughs, including audibly from the set crew, at his own expense. A classic straight man. They had a riot on the set and brought the audience in on it.
The set crew locked doors on him, booby trapped props and played camera tag with him to the point of me being in tears of laughter. All this fun was enhanced by his lovable good sported anxiety and frustration. He had Tammy, Archie or Grampa get the better of him many times to get a laugh or take a shot at someone in the current limelight.
Met Bob Schartz one night outside a bar. The only thing he said to us "young boys" was "Drive Safe".
Nice man and should have been more well known and appreciated throughout Canada.

List of Characters Bob Schartz commanded as a puppeteer. Please add if I've missed any. Thanks!
Archie Wood
Grandpa Wood
Tammy True
Marvin Mouse

Marvin Mouse was my favourite. A little irreverent and very pointed.
Grandpa Wood was used for the "accidental humour" where old age will excuse many questionable comments.

Anyone else remember?

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