Amateur Naturalist, The (Series) (1983)

The Amateur Naturalist featured the famed naturalist Gerald Durrell. The series featured unusual dimensions from the world of nature filmed on location around the world. Each episode included a field trip, showing what can be discovered in remote corners of the world, or in the viewer's own environment. Through the most advanced techniques of time-lapse and microphotography, the series explored the hidden world- one that is invisible to the naked eye. Durrell made the home experiment segment as illuminating as it is fun. He showed how materials found in the average home can be used to study a bird's nest, make a wormery, or create a herbarium.

This was the third nature series presented by CBC television with Gerald Durrell, the former series being The Stationary Ark, in which Durrell presented his famous animal sanctuary dedicated to the protection and preservation of endangered species.

Gerald Durrell....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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