Episode Guide - Favourite Songs (Series) (1991-1992)

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I'm a Little Teapot - Believe it or not, the little teapot is the same teapot from the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland. And the Mad Hatter is so mad at the Little Teapot after Alice leaves that he wants to turn him into ordinary crockery! The Little Teapot flees, and the chase leads them out of Wonderland and into New York City! Voices: Julian Lennon (The Little Teapot)

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Itsy Bitsy Spider -- a.k.a. I.B. -- wants to play piccolo in the 3 Bad Bugs' Band. When the Black Widow convinces the 3 Bad Bugs to scare a girl in a human high school, they get caught in a glass jar. And it's up to I.B. to save them! Patti Labelle sings the title song. Malcolm-Jamal Warner stars as I.B.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - Lea should really be practicing the violin, but she sneaks into her dad's lab and fiddles with his super telescope instead. Before she knows what hit her, Lea, her dog Paddy and a very young, rematerialized Mozart are floating through space. They come to a rough landing on top of an auditioning tap-dancing star named Twinkle. They have to help Twinkle get into the nighttime show. But when Mozart is tossed in jail, Lea is forced to overcome her violin shyness. When Lea wakes up, she believes that she dreamt the whole thing -- until her father discovers a new twinkling star in the sky! Voices: Martin Short (Mozart), Vanna White (Twinkle)

Three Little Kittens - The three little kittens have lost their mittens after missing their bus on the way to school. While searching for their lost mittens, the kittens run into Hoodwink the rat, who lures them into the clutches of the evil Freezelda the Ice Queen. Voices: Lauren Bacall (Freezelda the Ice Queen), Bryan Adams (Hoodwink)

The Prince's Rain - The King and Queen are concerned by Prince Vince's lack of responsibility, and they decreed that he be married. When Prince Vince selfishly orders Merle the Magician to make it stop raining, and when it does, he turns into a tree. When Princess Debbie uses a spell from Merle's book to change Prince Vince back into a person, he doesn't, but instead, he changes into a duck. The next time, Prince Vince changes into a goldfish. But when Prince Vince's evil cousin Smarmly is to marry Princess Debbie, he realizes that he has always been selfish and that he should never have fooled with Mother Nature. Upon his realization, a bolt of lightning suddenly makes him human again. Mother Nature appears, and she is happy that Vince has learned his lesson. Vince and Debbie are married. And they live happily ever after! Voices: Joe Piscopo (Prince Vince), Robin Leach (Narrator)

Humpty Dumpty - When Glitch the Witch and Scratch the Cat set out to steal eggs from Farmer Dumpty's farm for a poison pie, Glitch zaps one, and Humpty Dumpty is born! In the musical romp that follows, Humpty sets out to rescue Princess Allegra from Glitch's evil plan! But will his famous fall be the end of him? Voices: Huey Lewis, Glenda Jackson

Sur le Pont D'Avignon - Amédée Carillon and his grandson Jerome are threatened with eviction from their clock shop, and a ghost appears giving them even more trouble. They soon learn that long ago, one of Amédée’s ancestors was falsely accused of stealing some royal gold, and in revenge, he put a curse on the citizens of Avignon. The real thief was never found, and the gold was hidden in an heirloom which was passed on to Amédée. It is now up to Amédée and Jerome to help the lost souls find rest, and when they find the loot, they also save their home. Voices: Robert Guillaume (Amédée Carillon)

Favourite Songs - Olivia's only friend at Orderly Mansion is Charley the Horse... until Barnaby the stablehand shows up. When lonely Olivia asks the people at Orderly Mansion for her own special birthday song, Barnaby comes up with a great one. But will evil caretaker Snitch ever let Olivia hear it? Voices: Roger Daltrey (Barnaby), Ed Asner (Charley the Horse)

Baa Baa Black Sheep - Baa Baa is the toughest sheep in Muttonville Prison. And when he breaks out, he sets up a wool racket which leaves the whole town fleeced. It's up to Lieutenant Littleboy to stop him. But first, he has to get some information out of The Dame... Voices: Robert Stack (Lieutenant Littleboy), Shelly Long (The Dame)

Frère Jacques - When Frère Jacques finally stops sleeping and rings the morning bells, he wakes the King of Insomnia. Jacques is in trouble... until an evil spell of eternal sleep is cast upon the King! With the help of the friendly Wizard Owl, Jacques tries to break the spell and get a little sleep himself! Voices: Stevie Nicks (Wizard Owl)

Au Clair de la Lune - In a city, the shy Prince of Darkness puts Pierrot into a deep sleep. Pierrot's friend Marvin rushes to earth to find someone to save the day, and he finds a young boy named Jamie. There's only one problem: Jamie is afraid of the dark. Voices: Milton Berle (Prince of Darkness)

O Christmas Tree - King Winter proclaims that all trees must shed their leaves by Christmas Eve. But when a brave evergreen called Tannenbaum meets a little girl called Anneka, he decides to disobey. Tannenbaum is thrown into King Winter's dungeon, and it's up to Anneka to save him! Voices: Debbie Harry (Anneka), John Ritter (Piney)

Here Comes The Bride - In this humorous and fanciful look behind the well-known song, klutzy Maximillian Mole meets acrobat Margaret Mouse when the circus comes to town. It's love at first sight, but Max still has to triumph over a jealous circus manager and a raging river before he and Margaret can be together! Voices: Carol Kane (Margaret Mouse)

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