Empire, Inc. (Miniseries) (1983)

This six-part series traces three decades of an industrial and political dynasty in Montreal, from the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929 to the onset of the Quiet Revolution in 1960. The narrative revolves around Montreal financial tycoon James Munroe, his assistant, Gene Prudhomme, and Munroe’s wife, Catherine, whom Munroe married for her position. There are also the four Munroe children: the wilful Cleo, who narrates the story and is the most similar to her father; Jimmy, who hates business and turns to music; the idealistic Larry, who also rejects his father’s approach; and the confused and misunderstood Amy.

Director: Denys Arcand, Douglas Jackson
Producer: Paul Risacher
Executive Producer: Mark Blandford
Writer: Douglas Bowie
Cinematographer: Alain Dostie
Editor: Jean Lafleur, Gerry Vansier
Sound: Richard Besse
Music: Neil Chotem

Six episodes, 52 min. each

Kenneth Welsh .... James Munroe
Martha Henry .... Catherine
Jennifer Dale .... Cleo
Peter Dvorsky .... Jimmy
Lyn Jackson .... Violet
Mitch Martin .... Amy
Pamela Redfern .... Helen
Joseph Ziegler .... Larry
Paule Baillargeon
Graham Batchelor
Jean-Pierre Bergeron
Robert Clothier
Andrei Damir
Roger Garand
David Gardner
Linda Griffiths
Arthur Grosser
Alexandre Hausvater
Paul Hébert
Colin Hoare
Charles Jolliffe
Alexander Knox
Sheena Larkin
Marc Legault
Claude Létourneau
Hubert Loiselle
Donald MacIntyre
Frank Moore
Neil Munro
Marie-Christine Perreault
Donald Pilon
Gary Plaxton
Michael J. Reynolds
Jean Ricard
Janou Saint-Denis
Errol Slue
Mireille Thibault
Jacques Thisdale
Linda Lee Tracy
Tony Van Bridge
Robin Ward

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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