Dracula: The Series (Series) (1994)

Dracula: The Series
While business keeps their business executive mother on the road, Americans Chris and Max Townsend are sent to live with their uncle, Gustav Helsing, in Europe. The teenagers soon discover that Uncle Gustav is a vampire hunter and his goal is the destruction of billionaire industrialist Alexander Lucard, who is really Count Dracula.

The series debuted in the USA in 1990, and was shown on YTV in Canada for the first time in 1994.

Dracula: the Series was filmed in Luxembourg

Bernard Behrens .... Gustav Helsing
Lynne Cormack .... Eileen Townsend
Geordie Johnson .... Alexander Lucard (Dracula)
Mia Kirshner .... Sophie Metternich
Joe Roncetti .... Christopher Townsend
Jacob Tierney .... Max Townsend
Geraint Wyn Davies .... Klaus Helsing

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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