Ballooner Landing (Series) (1988-1992)

Ballooner Landing
Created and written by Lee and Sandy Paley, Ballooner Landing is the farm home the couple shares with their lovable dog, 'Do Good', a shy pink parrot 'Prudence', and the anything-but-shy 'Tex Critter' the flea... plus all the little critters in 'Critter Corral'. In every episode, special guests arrive in a colourful hot air balloon for a half hour of musical fun and adventure.

The show featured over 200 songs written and performed by the Paley's, with a cast of hundreds of school kids and barnyard animals, educational poems from Prudence's 'Poet Tree', fun and easy crafts called 'Parrotphernalia', 'Doghouse Theatre' starring 'Tex Critter' the flea, (The pride of Fleaport, Texas!!), 'Pig Jokes', riddles, and lots of laughs from 'Do Good' dog.

Lee and Sandy tell us:
"52 episodes of Ballooner Landing, plus a one hour Christmas special were produced by 2 and 7 in Calgary, now Global Television over a four year period from '88 to '92. The series first aired on Global Ontario, Maritimes television, PBS Detroit, STV in Saskatchewan, as well as in Alberta. The now defunct Kidztime Network in the U.S. broadcast the show briefly, then YTV did an exclusive 5 year contract in the early to mid nineties.

There were a few sales of the show internationally, and Ballooner Landing aired right up to 2005 on small independents, like CBC in Red Deer. Our videos still appear on Treehouse... beyond that, the show has become relatively inactive, as far as we know."

Lee Paley
Sandy Paley

Original Broadcaster(s): Global, STV, YTV

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