Astroboy (Series) (1983-1984)

Doctor Boyton, a brillant professor has been trying to create a new type of robot; A robot with a soul, a robot capable of human emotions. When his son runs away from home and is tragically killed in a car accident. Doctor Boyton, driven mad by his grief, goes on to secretly complete his robot with a soul in the likeness of his son.

This robot, is AstroBoy. A thinking, caring robot with a heart

The series ran for 52 episodes. There are two different English language dubs, one from Canada (the version shown in the US) and the other from Australia.

How can you tell if an episode is the Canadian version? The Canadian dub has Astroboy's sister named Sarah, not "Uran" (or Astrogirl like in the 1963 version)

The Canadian cast was uncredited.

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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