All For One (Series) (1990)

All For One
Tom Coleman and his best mate Lavender Gibson are pupils of Greenhill School and leaders of a bunch of wacky teenage idealists. Together they learn to take whatever fate has to throw at them – and throw it back. Whether it's turning a deadbeat soccer team into a well-oiled winning machine, putting on a play, or just plain growing up, they conspire to let no evil bully, soccer coach, adult-in-general or kid-in-particular, get in their way.

The first four episodes are based on the novel 'The Worst Soccer Team Ever' by William Taylor. The other four episodes are based on Taylor's 'Break a Leg.'

Frank Whitten
Stephanie Millar
Paikea Skold
Lottie Irvine
Chris Whaanga
Moana Schwalger
Jeremy Reagan
Louise Nicholas
Kendyl Robson
Julian Payne
Tom Atkinson
Summer Wharekawa Hogg
Blas Robles
Rany Herion
Joshua Chambers
Clarke Mckinney
Nathaniel Lees

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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