African Journey (Series) (1990)

The story of Luke Novak, a normal, fun-loving Canadian teen whose life has been torn apart by his parents' divorce. Luke's father, a mining engineer now working in East Africa, sends for his son in the hope of helping the 17-year-old through rough times. But it is Africa as much as his father that brings Luke around. Here he befriends Themba, a 16-year-old African who introduces him to a world of incredible natural beauty fraught with intrigue, romance and sometimes danger.

There's water shortage, infant mortality, education, unemployment, drugs, AIDs, the lure of crime, transportation problems, industrial hazards, cultural conflicts, generational conflicts, starvation, prostitution, soil conservation, game poaching, multinational corporations (the evils thereof), commodity prices (effects of the decline of), and corrupt officials.

Director: George Bloomfield

The series comprised of 6 half-hour episodes.

Jason Blicker .... Luke Novak
Allan Jordan .... Luke's Father
Jesese Mungoshi .... Themba
Pedzisai Sithole
Eldinah Tshatedi .... Tulani

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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