Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Series) (1995-2000)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
The completely-bonkers Ace Ventura continues to tackle cases involving stolen or missing animals, usually arriving at the solutions by pure fluke as he blunders his way through the facts in his inimitable way.

Produced by Nelvana

Michael Daingerfield Hall .... Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (voice)
John Beach .... Additional Voices (voice)
D.G. Beatty .... Woodstock (voice)
Jeff Bergman .... Additional Voices (voice)
Richard Binsley .... Spike (voice)
Vince Corazza .... Shickadance (voice)
Lisa DeSimone .... Additional Voices (voice)
Peter Fernandez .... Additional Voices (voice)
Alison Fraser .... Additional Voices (voice)
Stefan Fredrich .... Ace Ventura (German Version) (voice)
Pam Hyatt .... Atrocia Odora (voice)
Bob Kaliban .... Additional Voices (voice)
Robert Lydiard .... Additional Voices (voice)
Henry Mandell .... Additional Voices (voice)
Corinne Orr .... Additional Voices (voice)
Susan Roman .... Additional Voices (voice)
Tara Strong .... Additional Voices (voice)
Bruce Tubbe .... Emilio (voice)
Al Waxman .... Aguado (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): TOON

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