Airwaves (Series) (1986-1987)

Airwaves was a comedy-drama series about urban life in the '80s as it was lived by an unusual family trio.

Jean Lipton was a widowed, independent radio talk-show host who lived with her 19-year-old college dropout daughter and her 63-year-old college freshman father. Using the perspectives and wisdom of three generations, the trio relied on each other in coping with all kinds of social and emotional dilemmas.

Another family member, a 16-year-old nephew, joined the family in the second season, moving in because his engineer father was off to a job in Saudi Arabia.

Roberta Maxwell .... Jean Lipton
Ingrid Veninger .... Zoe Lipton
Roland Hewgill .... Bobby
Taborah Johnson .... Ariel
Kimble Hall .... Mark (1986)
Alec Willows .... Alex (1986)
Patrick Rose .... Dale Campbell (1987)
Christopher Bolton .... Matt (1987)
Gordon Woolvett .... Greg (1987)
Patricia Hamilton .... Kate Anderson (1987)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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