Zut! (Series) (1970-1971)

Zut! succeeded Comedy Cafe and Comedy Crackers as the television descendant of CBC radio's Funny You Should Say That. Among other slight changes, it retrieved Peter Cullen to the cast, which also included Barrie Baldaro, Joan Stuart, Ted Zeigler, Dave Broadfoot, Wally Martin, Al Boliska, and Dave Harriman, with singer Donald Lautrec, and an orchestra conducted by Franois Cousineau. (Cullen played Gilles to Stuart's Anglo Penelope--she called him Giles, he called her Penny-lope--in the recurring sketch about the cross-cultural couple called the L'Anglaises.) Zut! obviously had a higher budget and more rehearsal time than its predecessors, which had been slapdash productions. The program specialized in broad satirical sketches and blackouts on distinctively Canadian characters and situations, particularly Qubec-Canada relations. The series was produced in Montreal.

Barry Baldaro
Al Boliska
Dave Broadfoot....Regular
Peter Cullen
Dave Harriman
Donald Lautrec
Wally Martin
Joan Stuart
Ted Zeigler

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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