Hit List (Series) (1991-2005)

Aka: YTV's Hit List

Hit List
A top 20 countdown show aired on YTV in Canada. On this show the public gets to go online to click on the show before any voting can be done. You get to pick your favourite 20 videos and vote to get them on or up the chart. They play a wide variety of music on this show. From Pop to punk to rock. Usually on the show there are celebrities on the set or just clips of interviews with celebrities.

Danielle McGimsie....Host (2001-2005)
Rob Fournier....Host (2001-2003)
Exan Auyoung....Host (1997-2001)
Leslie Bosacki....Host (1997-2001)
Aashna Patel....Host (1997-1999)
Tarzan Dan....Host (1991-1997)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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