Episode Guide - Youth Confrontation (Series) (1973-1974)

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Jan 7, 1973 - Today's guest is Lewis Carson

Jan 14, 1973 - This edition's issue is Canada's offshore fisheries - should Canada impose bans on fishing by other nations inside the Continental Shelf?

Jan 28, 1973 - The guest today is Clarence Campbell, president of the National Hockey League. The issue is professional sports in North America. Bruce Rogers is host

Feb 11, 1973 - The guest on this edition is psychiatrist Dr. Ben Wong, who specializes in loneliness.

Feb 18, 1973 - Guest is Paul Zimmerman, president of Canadian Reader's Digest. The issue: Canadian Nationalism - The survival of Canadian culture.

Feb 25, 1973 - Guest is Mary Van Stolk, author of "The Battered Child."

Mar 4, 1973 - Guest is June Callwood and the issue under discussion is: Women's role in society.

Mar 18, 1973 - Guests are Ms. Olive Johnson of the Vancouver school board and John Blatherwick, a Vancouver medical officer of health. The issue is sex education - should it be taught in schools?

Mar 25, 1973 - The guest is John Brauer, teacher and former counsellor. The topic under discussion is: Friends

Apr 8, 1973 - Guest is Robert Yuill, an alderman in North York (Toronto). Subject under discussion is Community Politics.

Apr 15, 1973 - The Issue: School Guidance - Of what value is it to students? Mary Wall, director of Guidance for the Dartmouth School Board in Nova Scotia is the guest today.

May 20, 1973 - Claude Charron, a member of the Quebec legislature and the Parti Quebecois. The right to strike - the relationship between labor and management, and labor and government - is discussed.

May 27, 1973 - The guest is Dean Goard, principal of the B.C. Institute of Technology. The issue: Should schools train all who want to be trained or only those that are sure of being absorbed by industry

Jun 3, 1973 - The guest is Dr. Max Stewart, professor of economics at the University of Alberta. Topic: economic nationalism - the survival of Canada as a country.

Jun 10, 1973 - Guest is Harold Entwistle, lecturer in education at Sir George William University. The topic is education and how much freedom should there be for kids in school?

Jun 17, 1973 - The guest is Louis Capson, director of Creation II. The issue is religion and morality in today's society.

Sep 10, 1974 - Teenagers discuss their views on issues of the day as this series begins its third season. Bruce Rogers is the series host.

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