Episode Guide - Youth '60 (Series) (1959-1960)

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Oct 5, 1959 - Debut. Host Tommy Common is assisted by highschool students Penny Williams and Dennis Crothall. Guests today include singer Wally Koster, wrestler "Whipper" Billy Watson, folk singer Valerie Siren and the Harmony Kids, an instrumental group. Toby Robins, Barbara Hamilton and Winnifred Dennis are featured in a story about Florence Nightingale.

Oct 26, 1959 - Today's program will have an interview with newscaster Larry Henderson, who will discuss his recent trip to Russia. Dr. Donald Ivey discusses science as a career.

Nov 9, 1959 - Host Tommy Common sings Mack The Knife. His guests include 16-year-old concert pianist Diana McGreath; singer Richard Drew, 14, of Ottawa and singer Shirley May of Toronto. There will also be a 35-voice choir from Toronto's Lawrence Park collegiate.

Dec 28, 1959 – Gov. Gen. Vanier delivers a New Year's address to the youth of Canada.

Mar 28, 1960 - Youth '60 ends the season with a "live" drama, a tender but humorous teen-age love story by Alf Harris, called Somewhere Every Summer. It will be introduced by hosts Tommy Common, Dennis Crothall and Penny Williams, who will make their adieus at the same time.

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