Episode Guide - Young Chefs, The (Series) (1976-1982)

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Nov 3, 1976 - How to cook shrimps, and make fillets of sole stuffed with shrimp.

Nov 10, 1976 - Lamb - the importance of eating meat; how to make a lamb burger; how to make a beef burger.

Nov 17, 1976 - The parts of a chicken; how to season and cook chicken.

Nov 24, 1976 - How to cut meat and vegetables and the importance of cooking pork meat well.

Dec 1, 1976 - How to make bread dough; kneading, punching and shaping dough.

Dec 8, 1976 - Apples - baked, applesauce, sundae with ice cream and warm apples in melted butter.

Dec 15, 1976 - Salad - washing lettuce; salad dressing; adding other vegetables.

Dec 22, 1976 - The importance of eating breakfast, how to make meusli, explanation of the alimentary chain.

Dec 29, 1976 - Making cookies and fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

Oct 21, 1977 - Jehane Benoit teaches the principles of cooking vegetables.

Nov 4, 1977 - Jehane Benoit teaches the principles of cooking fish.

Dec 16, 1977 - Jehane Benoit makes a salad. Karim Kovacevich, Lisa Schwartz.

May 2, 1978 - Fish - The young chefs learn all about fish today from Madame Benoit.

Aug 4, 1982 - Today's program deals with Fish - fish fillets, whole fish, shrimps .. and the frying pan, the "golden rule", frying, poaching, and making beurre manie.

Aug 25, 1982 - Today's program deals with The Pig — from piglets to pork; served oriental-style ...using a wok, ensuring pork is well-cooked, preparing sauce and eating with chopsticks.

Sep 15, 1982 - Recipes: applesauce, baked apples, an apple sundae.

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