Episode Guide - You Can't Do That on Television (Series) (1979-1990)

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You Can't Do That on Television
May 5, 1979 - (Special.) Pilot episode for Whatever Turns You On. Ruth Buzzi and rock group Trooper are the guests in a show that combines comedy sketches and music. Trooper does "Raise a Little Hell," "Round, Round We Go" and "We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)." (60 min.)

Oct 10, 1979 - (Whatever Turns You On) Musical guest this week is Kevin Page.

Oct 17, 1979 - (Whatever Turns You On) After arriving late due to traffic, the cast tries to rescue kidnapped Kevin Somers with Ruth Buzzi doing the negotiating. The Cooper Brothers are special musical guests.

Feb 2, 1980 - (Whatever Turns You On) Mr. Nickel & Dimes, decides the kids need acting lessons. The trouble is now they all want to act at Stratford, until they find how much they get paid. Musical guest this week is Max Webster.

Feb 9, 1980 - (Whatever Turns You On) The Ian Thomas Band are musical guests.

Feb 2, 1982 - A look at accident prevention, in and around the home.

Feb 27, 1982 - A Moose in the bathtub? Christine (Moose) McGlade hosts the show from her bathtub. She, being a teenage girl, likes to lounge in the bath a lot, and the topic of this show provides the perfect excuse.

Mar 6, 1982 - Smoking - Sanity goes up in smoke as the comedy kids lay into the evil weed and leave it coughing and sputtering on the ground. Hosted by Christine McGlade.

Apr 17, 1982 - Get This Show on the Road.

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