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Season 1 (1981)

Jan 19, 1981 - "JOHNNY BURKE, The Bard of Prescott Street." Author of the Kelligrews Soiree and countless other celebrated folk songs, Johnny Burke was a character about town in the St. John's of the late 1900's to 1930. He was an auctioneer, theatrical impressario and song peddler, but found little time for formal work. John White stars as Johnny, and with Mac Barfoot, Margaret Mercer and Louise Nugent, sings some of his favourite ditties.

Jan 26, 1981 - "RICHARD BROTHERS: The Prophet From Placentia." Leaving the Newfoundland settlement at 14 for a career in the British Navy, Richard Brothers was soon known as a celebrated psychic with a huge following in early eighteenth century London. When he demanded George III give him his throne, he was clapped into an insane asylum, and ended his life protected by his disciples. But his books of Revealed Knowledge sold widely throughout the world, and gave him a place in the history of the British millenarian movement.

Feb 2, 1981 - HAROLD MACPHERSON: The Newfoundland dog has long been a symbol of the finest qualities inherent in the people of his homeland. But there was a time when the breed was in danger of extinction on his native shore. Harold Macpherson was the man who did more than any other to rescue the breed from oblivion, and to use his money and influence to begin the breeding and export of championship stock, which is carried on by the modern kennel owners. The program tells of Macpherson's devotion, and the dog's fascinating habits and history.

Feb 9, 1981 - SIR P.T. MCGRATH: The dispute over the boundary between Newfoundland and Labrador can still make headlines today. Here is the story of the man who gets most of the credit for winning the original court case for Newfoundland in 1927 .... and the strategies he used to beat some formidable competition from Ottawa and Quebec City, plus a local plot to sell the territory for fifteen million dollars.

Feb 16, 1981 - SIR ROBERT BOND: Perhaps the only statesman Newfoundland has produced, the elegant scholar from Whitbourne was respected in the councils of the Empire during his years as our Prime Minister. The story of his downfall, engineered by a local alliance of political and business rivals, is regarded by many as the saddest chapter in our history.

Feb 23, 1981 - CAPTAIN BOB BARTLETT: historian Thomas Appleton called his rescue of the Karluk expedition "the finest example of leadership in the maritime history of Canada..." and a half hour film cannot begin to outline the accomplishments of this fearless explorer of the brutal arctic regions of Canada that hold so much promise today. But his story makes for gripping television in this concluding program of "Yesterday's Heroes."

Season 2 (1983)

Feb 28, 1983 - SIR ROBERT REID: The greatest single event in Newfoundland's economic history was probably the building of the trans-island railway. It also led to eventual financial collapse as the ambitious scheme wrecked both government and the career of the Canadian-Scottish millionaire who had agreed to build it for $15,000 per mile.

Mar 7, 1983 - FATHER DUFFY: Newfoundland's only "saint", Father Duffy came to St. Mary's as a young cleric. Soon he was involved in a mini-rebellion of the settlers against the local merchant. Believed to have performed several "miracles", Father Duffy's well where he performed his first miracle is today a tourist attraction.

Mar 21, 1983 - SIR RICHARD SQUIRES, Part 1: Probably Newfoundland's most controversial politician, Squires is seen by some as the symbol of political corruption and financial collapse in the 1920s and '30s. Others see him as simply the victim of a vendetta by opposing politicians. Includes scenes of the 1932 Colonial Building riot and an interview with Squires' supporter, and later Premier J.R. Smallwood. Generally examines Squires' career and his accomplishments.

Apr 11, 1983 - SIR RICHARD SQUIRES, Part 2: In this program special guest Joseph R. Smallwood tells the exciting story of the wild St. John's riots that brought an end to the Squires career and Newfoundland Independence. (Originally scheduled for Mar 28, 1983)

Original Airdates Unknown:

CAPTAIN ABRAM KEAN: In the thick of a March 1914 snowstorm, 78 Newfoundland sealers perished as a result of being left on the ice. The responsibility for most of that disaster was subsequently blamed on Abram Kean, the Wesleyville native seen by some as the greatest sealing skipper of his day. We examine the disaster and the career of this master mariner.

JOHN CABOT: Tim Severin's 1977 duplication of Saint Brendan's 640 A.D. voyage to North America in a leather boat has given substance to earlier speculation that Europeans had come to North America before Cabot and Columbus. Looks at some of these and other voyages and attempts to place Cabot's voyage in perspective.

TOMMY RICKETTS: In joining the Newfoundland Regiment at age 15, Tommy Ricketts lied about his age. Going overseas during World War I, he fought with the 4th Regiment at the Battle of Ypres. His actions there won him a Victoria Cross, the Empire's Foremost decoration for bravery.

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