Y B Normal? (Series) (1998-1999)

Y B Normal?
Describing the material as Pulp Fiction meets Twilight Zone, this group of artists, writers and actors has managed to produce some of the most shockingly funny comedy sketches since the old Kids in the Hall television series.

The Y B Normal series, which aired on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. on the Comedy Network, certainly dares to be different. No topic is taboo as the group explores everything from life in the womb to commercialized telethons and politically incorrect Anglophone/Francophone relationships.

P-H Dallaire....Lead
Matthiew Klinck....Lead
Ron Langton....Lead
Paolo Mancini....Lead
Thomas Michael....Lead
Adam F. da Silva....Student (1999)
Steve Baskin....Student (1999)
Leah Chisholm....Student (1999)
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byHank, September 23, 2007
Freakin' NO WAY!!! I was an extra on that show!! Those guys where F-U-N-N-Y!!! The shit they came up with.... Lots of re-takes as the crew and some of the cast kept laughing. Then they'd change the lines and kill us again! Nothing was off limits.. Funny as hell. I think it was before its time. Bet it would be a Big hit now!!! One scene, I even had lines with them. In the unemplyment line, I was the construction worker. The bastards where out of work as it was the day after Easter! A Riot!!! :)

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