Worst Witch, The (Series) (1998-2001)

Aka: Amandine Malabul (French title)

Worst Witch, The
The Worst Witch series is based on the four Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy. It follows the adventures of Mildred Hubble, (Georgina Sherrington) a witch attending Cackles Academy. She's called the 'Worst Witch' because she's always caught getting into trouble.

The title of the series changed to Weirdsister College: The Further Adventures of the Worst Witch and the series moved production to the UK in 2001.

Georgina Sherrington....Mildred Hubble
Felicity Jones....Ethel Hallow (1998-1999)
Katie Allen....Ethel Hallow (1999-2001)
Emma Brown....Maud Moonshine
Clare Coulter....Miss Cackle
Kate DuchĂȘne....Miss Hardbroom
Una Stubbs....Miss Bat (1998-2000)
Polly James....Miss Crotchet (1999-2000)
Jessica Fox....Enid Nightshade
Joanna Dyce....Ruby Cherrytree
Harshna Brahmbhatt....Jadu Wali
Claire Porter....Miss Drill
Holly Rivers....Drusilla Paddock
Julia Malewski....Fenella Feverfew
Poppy Gaye....Griselda Blackwood

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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