Wolfman Jack Show, The (Series) (1976-1977)

Aka: Here Comes The Wolfman

Wolfman Jack Show, The
The Wolfman Jack Show debuted as "Here Come The Wolfman" on Oct 5, 1976 on CBC. It was headlined by pop-culture hero Wolfman Jack on a mockup radio station set. Canadian singers and dancers, actors and performers, plus some of the country's top musicians were in the spotlight throughout the variety entertainment series. In addition to Canadian stars and newcomers, there were also international guest stars. The series ranged from the hectic early days of 1950's rock through the melodic harmonies of the Beatles era to the more lyrical contemporary music of the superstars of the Seventies.

The CBC was heavily criticized for using an American star, but the hope was to give Canadians international exposure by hitching onto a star.

Bob Smith....Wolfman Jack/Host
Peter Cullen....Regular
Danny Wells....Regular
Sally Sales....Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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bysusan, May 21, 2007
When I was a child I would hear him on the radio. I had a friend Who I would go and see which lives quit a few blocks from me. There was this little tiny mall and one part of the store was painted out window of light green. My friend and I one late late night went for a walk and we both heard music and someone talking. I got on my hands and knees and open the letter slot on the door. I made a bit of a sound and the person heard this and saw my hand slipping out but it was too late the door open and I looked up and he told me and my girlfriend to come in fast. When he close the door he ask what it was we were doing around his door. I told her I could here music and his voice. He had asked me if I knew who he was and I told him yes your wolfman jack..he then went on and ask how do I know that..I said I lisen to him everyday on the radio and know his voice by heart. He said I was a very smart kid. He then told me not to ever tell anyone where he was hideing. I said ok but asked him way. He told me too many people want him to sign books and records and other things and he wanted his privacy and didn't want anyone to know where he was. I told him we would not say anything to anyone. But after a week we went pass there and there was no sound coming out of that place this time and we both wonder why,so we look in the letter slot and the whole place was empty. I guess he had to keep himself hideing and felt that kids could not be trusted and would give him away. It was a good feeling to have met him in person that one time. But if I knew more back then I would of had his sign something for me so I would of had a keepsake. Even as a kid I had that kid crush on him :)

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