Wojeck (Series) (1966-1968)

Wojeck was a coroner searching for truth and justice with the help of his friends, while trying to hold his family together.

One of the CBC's first dramas, the series was widely acclaimed for its direct and sometimes harsh exploration of contemporary social issues. Wojeck himself was a stalwart, quiet man driven to outrage over the injustice he confronted. He was supported by his wife Marty and his children Steve and Judy, and they dealt with many normal family issues of the day.

After two seasons the show was cancelled. Later, the series was "completed" with a 1992 TV movie, Wojeck: Out of the Fire, which had Wojeck return to Toronto on a search for a baby killer and to reconcile with his now ex-wife Marty.

John Vernon....Dr. Steve Wojeck
Patricia Collins....Marty Wojeck
Carl Banas....Det. Sgt. Byron James
Ted Follows....Crown Attorney Arnie Bateman
Tannis G. Montgomery....Judy Wojeck
Jamey Weyman....Stevey Wojeck

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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