Windsor Protocol (TV Movie) (1996)

Aka: Jack Higgins' Windsor Protocol

Windsor Protocol
Jack Higgins’ master spy, Sean Dillon, is back in another hair raising adventure! A pact made in the heat of World War II between Hitler and the Duke of Windsor, placing the Duke on the throne of England should Germany claim victory, threatens world stability today.

The Windsor Protocol, a top Nazi document, contains the names of those who are to set the Fourth Reich in motion with funds from numerous bank accounts. It’s 1988 and the leader of the Nazis, Heinzer, now has the corrupt US Senator Joplin Hardy as a partner and pawn. The overall plan is to put Hardy in the White House.

Sean Dillon is called into action again by the British government and sent to Washington where Heinzer and his thugs are busy murdering anyone who gets in their way. Dillon meets US government employee Catherine Durgin – a former acquaintance who happens to be Hardy’s girlfriend – and tries to become her confidante and learn more about the Senator’s connection to the Nazis. The action speeds to an explosive climax when Hardy gets closer to the presidency, but is ultimately exposed by Dillon.

Kyle MacLachlan....Sean Dillon
Macha Grenon....Catherine
Chris Wiggins....Sir Charles Ferguson
Lisa Bronwyn Moore....Lenny
John Colicos....Gerhardt Heinzer/Albert Greenfield
Vlasta Vrana....Hardy's Aide
Sonia Benezra....Altina Morales
Eugene Clark....Vice President Anson Powers
James Bradford....Sir Reginald Welland
Lorne Brass....Lead Terrorist
Ken Pogue....Peter Pruitt
Serge Houde....Montreal Police Captain
Tom Rack....Dr. Harold Flegg
Colin Fox....FBI Agent James K. Smith
John MacLaren....Jenkin
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