Wimzie's House (Series) (1995-1997)

Aka: La Maison de Ouimzie (French title)

Wimzie's House
Wimzie, the feisty, fuchsia-haired, five year-old star of the series lives here with her baby brother, Bo, her parents and her 150 year-old grandma, Yaya.

Yaya runs a daycare for the neighborhood kids and every day, Horace, Jonas and his little sister LouLou come over. Together, they learn about life...one day at a time. Come join the fun! Play along or sing a song. Listen to one of Yaya's wonderful stories or curl up for a cozy snooze at nap time.

Wimzie's House is a magical place where children learn how to deal with themselves, their family and friends, and the world around them in a confident and creative way.

Sonja Ball....Wimzie (voice)
Bruce Dinsmore....Horace (voice)
Tyrone Benskin....Rousso (voice)
Thor Bishopric....Jonas/Shaggy (voice)
Holly G. Frankel....Loulou (voice)
Liz MacRae....Bo (voice)
Jennifer Seguin....Graziella (voice)
Jane Woods....Yaya (voice)
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