What's New? (Series) (1972-1990)

This current affairs program presents the week's headlines of interest to teenagers. Its features included the caricature puppets of Noreen Young. It also included a segment called "Kid's Eye View," where kids commented on news items and how they are affected by them.

Sandy Lane....Host (1972-79)
Harry Mannis....Host (1972-79)
Judy Maddren....Host
David Schatzky....Host (1979-80)
Wayne Thompson....Host (1980-82)
Marie-Claude Lavalle....Host (1980-81)
Lon Appleby....Host (1980-81)
Sara Welch....Host (1981-82)
Howard Green
Jennifer Gibson
Max Ferguson .... Puppet voices (early episodes)
Judy Sinclair .... Puppet voices (early episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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