W5 (Series) (1966-)

Aka: W-5; W-FIVE; CTV Reports; The New W5; Inquiry

W5 is a CTV news magazine television series which has aired on the CTV Television Network since 1966. The one-hour Sunday night W5 was renamed CTV Reports for the 1977-78 season with a companion half-hour, also called CTV Reports, on Thursdays replacing Maclear. The Sunday program title reverted to W5 in the 1978-79 season, and the Thursday program was replaced by Live It Up. Other title changes were: W5 with Eric Malling, in 1993, The New W5 in 1996, and W-FIVE in 1997. The program title reverted to W5 in 2009-10, when it began broadcasting in HD.

Peter Reilly....Host (first broadcast only)
Ken Cavanagh....Host
Warner Troyer....Host
Henry Champ....Host (1978-?)
Ken Lefolii....Host
Tom Gould....Host
Helen Hutchinson....Host (1978-?)
Bill Cunningham....Host/Reporter
Wei Chen....Host
Tom Clark....Host
Lloyd Robertson....Host (2005- )
Sandie Rinaldo....Host (2005- )
Jack McGaw
Peter Kent
Michael Maclear....Host (1977-78)
Eric Malling....Host (1990-1996)
Peter Trueman
Morley Safer
Patrick Watson
Jim Reed....Host (1978-?)
Dennis Macintosh.....Reporter
Isobel Bassett
Barbara Amiel
Trina McQueen
Merle Shain
Charles Templeton
Laurier Lapierre
Valerie Pringle
Gail Scott
Tim Ralfe
Carole Taylor
Sylvia Sweeney
Doug Fisher
Jack Webster
Genevieve Westcott
Christine Nielsen....Reporter
Susan Ormiston....Reporter
Elliot Shiff....Reporter
Doug Johnson....Reporter
Frank Drea....Reporter
Victor Malarek....Reporter
Alan Fryer....Reporter

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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Comments (2)
byClick here to see the profile of this user JBA, October 24, 2009
I agree that atv's can be dangerous machines if miss used. I felt that the investigation failed to look into the extreme power and speed that many atv's have today. The investigation could have looked into the number of deaths that were on large atv's versus smaller lower powered atv's. Also there was no mention of how many of these deaths were alcohol related. I have used atv's for twenty years and never had one on its side or roll over. The one use now is a 325 Polaris AWD. It takes me anywhere I need to go as fast as I need to get there safely. I must agree with the manufacturers that most accidents are operator error. Any machine can be lethal if it is pushed beyond its limits.
byCarolann Vestergaard, October 29, 2007
I was more than surprised to watch your program last evening Sunday Oct 28/07 on what we import from China in regards to our food chain. here I was thinking "oh the box says made in canada" yes, the box not the contents!! After being careful all of my life in regards to what I serve my family and eat myself I'm still wondering why I got Colon Retal cancer. The part about the fish and when it was tested was an eye opener, we need to "wake up" before we all die from the foods we import!!

Thank-You for your program.

Carolann Vestergaard
Langley, B.C.

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