West Coast (Series) (1961-1962)

West Coast was a CTV variety show from British Columbia. Hostess Lorraine McAllister did three numbers in each of the half-hour weekly programs, with a guest singer appearing as well. Her husband, Dal Richards, was the leader of the orchestra which was featured in the series. In addition to music by Dal and his orchestra and songs by Lorraine, West Coast took viewers on sightseeing trips around Vancouver. There were also interviews with visiting celebrities.

The series was the first to be produced for CTV by the privately-owned CHAN-TV in Vancouver. The series also spotlighted outdoor scenes in Vancouver with host Barrie Clark. Vancouver disc jockey Jack Cullen also reported on the west-coast entertainment world.

Lorraine McAllister .... Hostess
Dal Richards .... Bandleader
Barrie Clark
Jack Cullen

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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