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Wayne and Shuster Show, The

Horses Trained For Chariot 'Fix'

Winnipeg Free Press - Oct 29, 1960

Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster drew a crowd in the quiet little suburb of Weston in Toronto when they were filming a chariot race sequence for The Wayne and Shuster Hour last Tuesday.

The film sequence was for a Roman sketch, The Big Chariot Fix, with Johnny Wayne as Flavius Maximus, Roman private eye, Frank Shuster as Ben Hur, victim of the fix, and Paul Kligman as Messala, the villain.

Four fiery horses bolted a couple of times in the ring of a riding stable. The horses had to be trained for a week in preparation to pull two chariots that would carry Frank, Johnny and Kligman in a Wayne and Shuster version of the Ben Hur chariot race.

The chariot bodies were made by Herbert Kolli of CBC's carpentry shop and fitted to buggy chassis.

Canadian comedians salute the 70's in year-end review

The Newfoundland Herald TV Week, December 4, 1979

Canada's favorite comedians Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster take an affectionate look at the foibles and follies of the 1970's, with a special sketch on the King Tut phenomenon, on their year-end Superspecial telecasting Sunday, Dec. 9, at 8:30 p.m. on CBC Television.

This is a very special Superspecial, Johnny and Frank's last show of the 1970s provides them with the opportunity to reflect, in their own unique way, on some of the history making events and socially important activities of the decade. As Johnny commented, "the Seventies may not have been the best decade of the century, but it was certainly one of the top ten!"

What better way to preserve our history and memories than with a sealed time capsule, containing the artifacts that Johnny and Frank feel best represent our changing times. And what a time capsule it is! Preserved for posterity are 'great television commercials of the decade', the Olympic debt, the Canadian dollar, Canadian sports greats, the metric system, famous women of the 70's, and, among other Canadian firsts. Professor Waynegartner's solution to the energy crisis.

An affectionate look at this past decade would not be complete without a send-up of the King Tut phenomenon. In a spoof featuring the world-renown detective Johnny Chan, the fabulous treasures of King Tut are stolen from under the noses of the cream of Toronto society at a gala preview reception at the Art Gallery of Ontario. With his usual aplomb Johnny Chan solves this seemingly perfect crime.

The Wayne and Shuster Superspecial is produced by Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster. Executive producer is Leonard J. Starmer. Trevor Evans directed.

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