Episode Guide - Way Out, A (Series) (1970-1977)

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Sep 12, 1971 - Topic: how to prepare plants for the winter. Host: George Finstad.

Jun 3, 1973 - Archery: Ann Chalmers, Canadian amateur champion in archery, and Honor Lemacher, demonstrate the fine points of archery.

Aug 5, 1973 - A visit to an owl hospital in St. Catherines, Ont.

Aug 12, 1973 - Bird Sanctuary — Robert Wenting, director of the Kortright Bird Park Sanctuary near Guelph, Ont, talks about the many species of birds that come there.

Sep 8, 1974 - A visit to the Ojibway Indian Reservation at Curve Lake, Ont. Included: a look at traditional handicrafts. [Postponed from an earlier date]

Sep 19, 1976 - A visit to the annual coho-salmon derby held at the mouth of the Credit River near Port Credit, Ont. Mary Chapman is the hostess.

Dec 12, 1976 - The relatively new, and very popular sport of cross country skiing.

Dec 19, 1976 - Stained Artistic Glass Mary Chapman visits an artistic glass studio to see the making of a stained glass window, and has it pictorially and verbally explained. Viewers also see other examples of completed stained glass windows.

Dec 26, 1976 - Keeping your home floral displays beautiful through the festive season.

Jan 2, 1977 - George Dalgleish begins a nine week rec room building series.

Jan 16, 1977 - A look at winter picnicking.

Feb 20, 1977 - Iron Work - Susan Young visits John Little's iron work shop in East Dover, N.S. John talks about the history of iron work and about his own set-up and background white he makes an object d'art.

Jul 31, 1977 - Nova Scotia artist Judith Sekerak— her quilts and paintings. Susan Young is the hostess.

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