Waterville Gang (Series) (1972-1973)

Waterville Gang
The Waterville Gang was a bunch of underwater puppet characters - Dodger Dolphin, Angel Fish, Sharky Shark, Eloise the Seahorse - and Sergeant Perch of the Perch Patrol. Also on hand were Pearl Van Oyster, Tucker Turtle and Ace Seagull. By the end of the show's run there were an additional three regular characters - Preshus Seal, Randall Harrison Penguin the Third, and Mayor Moore. There had also been a handful of other semi-recurring characters, including Tuff Shark, Annie Urchin, Nebbish the sea worm, Schitzo Crab, and the human children Robyn and Wiley.

The Waterville Gang was filmed using a technique known as "chromakey." It involves programming a camera so that it does not "register" the colour blue. Puppeteers, dressed in blue from head to toe, manipulate the puppets against a blue backdrop, and therefore only the puppets appear in the image. To create a set, a second image can be superimposed on the first.

Len Carlson ....Ace Seagull (voice)
Franz Russell (voice)
Julie Amato (voice)
Sid Brown (voice)
Donna Miller (voice)
Billy Van .... Narrator / Dodger the Dolphin (voice)
Joey Battista (voice)
Lisa Davidson (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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