Watership Down (Series) (1999-2001)

Watership Down
Heeding the warning of a vision of their old home's destruction, a group of rabbits led by Hazel, his brother Fiver the visionary, the ever inventive doe, Blackberry, and Bigwig, a former member of their old home's military class, go in search of a new home. With the help of new found friends like Kehaar the gull and Hannah the mouse, Fiver's vision leads them to a home called Watership Down. Now, Hazel and his friends must establish their warren and protect it from the threats they face which include humans, predators, and especially the menace of a tyrannically militaristic warren led by the merciless General Woundwart.

Kate Ashfield....Primrose (voice)
Richard Briers....Captain Broom (voice)
Tom Eastwood....Captain Moss (voice)
Sue Elliott-Nichols....Blackberry (voice)
Andrew Falvey....Fiver, Flax, Feldspar (voice)
Dawn French....Buttercup (voice)
Stephen Fry....Cowslip (I) (voice)
Stephen Gately....Blackavar (voice)
Robert Harper....Strawberry (I) (voice)
Elliot Henderson-Boyle....Pipkin (voice)
David Holt....Vervain, Bluesky (voice)
Jane Horrocks....Hannah (I) (voice)
John Hurt....General Woundwort (I) (voice)
Anthony Jackson....Kehaar (II), Cowslip (II) (voice)
Phill Jupitus....Dandelion (voice)
Stephen Mangan....Bigwig, Silverweed (II), Shale (voice)
Rik Mayall....Kehaar (voice)
Tim McInnerny....Silverweed (I) (voice)
Paul Panting....Strawberry (II), Flax (II) (voice)
Rob Rackstraw....Captain Campion, Hickory (II), Raincloud (voice)
Lee Ross....Hawkbit (voice)
Ian Shaw....Hazel (voice)
Kiefer Sutherland....Hickory (I) (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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