War of 1812 (Miniseries) (1999)

War of 1812
The War of 1812 was the war that sealed the destiny of North America. A war unlike any other, it was fought with tomahawks and bayonets amid swarms of black flies in forest clearings and mosquito-infested swamps. Armies lined up 60 feet apart on grassy fields and fired deadly point blank volleys at each other. War canoes travelled 1000 miles in ten days along endless waterways. Enormous frigate ships hurled canonballs at one another on the Great Lakes. This four-part series brings the War of 1812 to life with actors speaking the participants own words from journals, letters and diary excerpts. Spectacular re-enactment of major land and naval battles, and the use of compelling war-time art provide the extra touch of visual accuracy.

Terence McKenna....Narrator (voice)
Nigel Bennett....Winfield Scott
Richard Clarkin....Andrew Jackson
Juno Mills Cockell....Ann Prevost
Paul Craig....Staff Officer
Danielle Desormeaux....Dolley Madison
Richard Fitzpatrick....James Madison
Robin McKenna....Miss Elliott
Walter McMullan....William Hull
Billy Merasty....John Norton (Indian chief)
Dennis O'Connor....Sir George Prevost
Karl Pruner....Isaac Brock
Ruth Redmond....Herself
Denis Roy....Charles De Salaberry
Raoul Trujillo....Tecumseh
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