Vikings Carol, A (TV Movie) (1989)

A rapidly-aging, senile, yet-still-defiant backyard inventor is spending his last Christmas on the frozen Canadian Western Prairies, far from his homeland 2500 miles East in Newfoundland, yearning for the Golden Age when his Viking Irish Ancestors ruled the seas, the skies, and their own destiny. ‘Old Mike’, who was always a thousand years ahead of his time and a hundred years behind the ‘real’ world, is fading away fast, fluctuating between semi-comatose periods of being ‘here’ and energy-infused stretches where he wears his Viking helmet, sings Wagner and has conversations with a stuffed bear head. His two-way discourses with ‘Winchester’ are about old WWII Yukon stories with his friend Pete, physics, philosophy and religion, particularly his ongoing arguments with God.

A Prairie-Christmas homecoming story with an edge, and metaphysical heart.

46 min, Aired on CTV

Walter Mills....The aging father

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byGerry, November 17, 2007
produced by Anthony Towstego, Directed by Mike Politis, you rarely see something like this....strangley good.

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