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Vid Kids
Jan 5, 1985 - Pilot. (CTV) VID KIDS, a highly original is a contemporary musical adventure for children - of all ages. Bob Schneider is special guest star. Peter Jarvis appears as "Computerman". VID KIDS combines joyous, imaginative children's songs with hot new video technology. Each song is brought to life in music video style; the look and feel of the show is high energy fun. Four delightful VID KIDS anchor the show: Rocco Bellusci, Allyson Court, Richard Yearwood and Natalie Margitta. They are joined in the videos by other young people recruited from everywhere kids are to be found. With their friends, Bob Schneider and the magical "Computerman", the VID KIDS move through time and space and into musical flights of fancy -- a showdown with Frankenstein and Wolfman, breakdancing in a Carnival market, partying with the Lone Ranger in an uptown disco. The video illustrations are as unique and varied as the lyrics of each song .. and always "AMAZING"!

Season 1 (13 episodes) (CBC)

Jan 14, 1986 - Debut. This program stars Bob Schneider; mime Peter Jarvis; and the New York rap duo, Dynasty.

Jan 21, 1986 - Guests: Menudo, a five-member pop band.

Jan 28, 1986 - Guests: The Nylons.

Feb 4, 1986 - Guests: the Boinks, a whimsical three-man rock group led by poet Robert Priest.

Feb 11, 1986 - The kids hold a BMX bike riding competition; musician Bob Schneider demonstrates exercises and mime.

Feb 18, 1986 - Guests: Folk-rock band CANO performs in an igloo.

Feb 25, 1986 - Guest: Glen Bennett, singer and songwriter ("I Like to Act Silly," "Jonathan Edward III").

Mar 4, 1986 - Guests: The Canadian Aces jazz band.

Mar 11, 1986 - Guests: The Good Brothers.

Mar 18, 1986 - Guests: The Junior Jug Band.

Mar 25, 1986 - Guests: Wayne St. John and Yvonne Moore.

Apr 1, 1986 - Guests: Inner City, a four-member singing group.

Apr 8, 1986 - Guests: The Famous People Players.

Season 2 (13 episodes) (CBC)

Feb 11, 1987 - Guest: K.D. Lang.

Feb 18, 1987 - Guest: Ken Tobias. Videos: "Funky Expressions" and "Roll with the Punches."

Feb 25, 1987 - Guest: El DeBarge.

Mar 4, 1987 - Guests: Platinum Blonde.

Mar 11, 1987 - Guest: Doug Cameron. Videos: "Playing on the Weekend," "Maria."

Mar 18, 1987 - Guests: The Jitters.

Mar 25, 1987 - Guests: Liberty Silver.

Apr 1, 1987 - Guests: Jermaine Stewart.

Apr 8, 1987 - Guests: Prairie Oyster.

Apr 15, 1987 - Guests: Menudo.

Apr 22, 1987 - Guests: Cats Can Fly.

Apr 29, 1987 - Guest: Murray McLauchlan.

May 5, 1987 - Guests: Katrina and the Waves.

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