Vid Kids (Series) (1985-1987)

Vid Kids
Vid Kids was a lively half-hour show featuring original and well-known songs ranging from the '60s to the '80s, each presented in music-video form in a wide range of styles and settings.

The Vid Kids themselves, aged from 7 to 14, appeared throughout each show to sing, dance and act out the lyrics of the songs, bringing youthful high energy to the series.

Well-known and loved children's musician Bob Schneider performed two original music videos per episode. One of Schneider's greatest talents was his ability to draw kids into his circle of magic and music. He used this talent to the fullest in the original music videos he presented in the series.

Another regular feature of each show was appearances by dancer-mime Peter Jarvis, who, as "Computerman," answered the Vid Kids' questions as he performed his robotic dances. Trained by Bob Berkey, Jarvis also appeared in a variety of other guises to lead audiences through sing-alongs.

Each week, a guest star or group joined the regulars to perform two of their own numbers in a music video. These guests represented a broad spectrum of the entertainment field, from the Nylons, Menudo, K.D. Lang. to The Canadian Aces jazz band.

The pilot aired on CTV in January 1985 and the series began airing on CBC in January 1986.

Producers: John Muller, Henia Muller and Tom Reynolds

Bob Schneider .... Host
Peter Jarvis .... Computerman/Various Characters
Michelle Weir .... Veejay
Karen Burthwright .... Veejay
Lisa Coristine .... Veejay
Marc Worden .... Veejay
Dean Baldwin .... Veejay
Chris McFarlane .... Veejay
Rocco Bellusci .... Veejay (Pilot Episode)
Allyson Court .... Veejay (Pilot Episode)
Richard Yearwood .... Veejay (Pilot Episode)
Natalie Margitta .... Veejay (Pilot Episode)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV, CBC

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I was a dancer kn the vid kids posters and record cover was ruined in a flood..i am looking for copies...i cant even seem to find one on the internet. Email or contact me thru facebook please. Tanya SArasin

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