Episode Guide - Vic Obeck Show (Series) (1954-?)

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Aug 17, 1955 - Jack Wells will be one of the guests on the Vic Obeck show featuring the local sports scene. On the same program, Jackie Burke will give a golf lesson.

Aug 24, 1955 - Regattas are the subject of this week's show.

Dec 7, 1955 - The Vic Obeck show will have as guests the stars of the Grey Cup game, and the stars and coaches of the All Star game.

Feb 22, 1956 - Vic Obeck continues his skiing series with the spotlight on stem christies and the single stem. Fred Oberlander will talk about amateur wrestling.

Feb 29, 1956 - The Olympics and skiing will be discussed.

Mar 7, 1956 - Vic Obeck will wind up his skiing series with instruction in advanced technique. There'll also be a demonstration of gymnastics.

Mar 14, 1956 - Viewers are taken to Moncton for the MacDonald Brier curling championship. There'll also be a discussion on table tennis with the vice-president of the Canadian Table Tennis Association.

Mar 21, 1956 - Ken McKenzie, publicity director of the National Hockey league, will talk about the history of the Stanley Cup. Two fly-tying experts will be on hand too.

Apr 4, 1956 - Boxing expert Tommy Sullivan will appear. There'll be films of some of the western Canada Golden Gloves competitors, along with eastern Canadian competitors in action. Viewers will also see some of the latest in fishing equipment.

Apr 11, 1956 - Former Canadian open champion Pat Fletcher will demonstrate gadgets which golfers can use to improve their game. Another guest will be Paddy Cline, former Canadian Olympic rowing coach.

Apr 18, 1956 - A bow and arrow expert, Fred Thom, is Vic Obeck's guest. There will also be film shots of the Canadian Five Pin Bowling championships in Toronto.

Apr 25, 1956 - Vic Obeck's show comes this week from the Lakeshore Swimming club just outside Toronto. Guest will include Marilyn Bell, who conquered Lake Ontario and the English channel, swimming expert Gus Ryder and Cliff Lumsden, winner of last year's Canadian National Exhibition swim.

May 2, 1956 - Judo expert Fred Okimura will appear on the Vic Obeck show. He and two assistants will demonstrate this ancient Japanese art. In addition, Mr. Obeck will discuss motorcycling.

May 16, 1956 - Volleyball dominates the Vic Obeck Show. Film clips of the Canadian volleyball championships in Montreal and a number of players will be featured. In addition, Olympic runner Jesse Owens will comment on the fall's Olympic games to be held in Australia.

May 23, 1956 - Marksmanship and golf take the spotlight.

May 30, 1956 - The Vic Obeck show e.t S begins an eight-week series on swimming and water safety, with emphasis on simple rules designed to cut down Canada's drowning death toll.

Jun 6, 1956 - Vic continues his water safety series and talks with track star- Jack Carroll. Members of the Canadian army Bisley team are also slated to appear.

Jun 13, 1956 - Vic Obeck underlines boat safety. He'll explain the regulations requiring boats to carry a minimum amount of safety equipment.

Jun 20, 1956 - Vic Obeck's guest will be the president of the Canadian Lawn Bowling council. Mr. Obeck will conclude the swimming section of his water safety series with a demonstration of proper breathing.

Jun 27, 1956 - The Vic Obeck show presents a panel discussion among the Big Four football coaches — Doug Walker of the Montreal Alouettes, Jim Trimble of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Frank Clair of the Ottawa Rough Riders and Bill Swiaki of the Toronto Argonauts. Mr. Obeck's safe-swimming series also continues.

Jul 4, 1956 - The Vic Obeck Show highlights paddling, with Canadian singles champion Don Stringer of Sudbury, Ont. There will also be swimming and water-skiing features.

Jul 11, 1956 - The Vic Obeck Show will feature Marilyn Bell and Gus Ryder in a swimming program and Bill Kerr of the Montreal Beaconsfield golf club.

Jul 18, 1956 - Guests will include tennis players Lorne Main, Bob Bedard and Brendan Macken.

Jul 25, 1956 - The Vic Obeck show gives the do's and dont's of boating on the final water-safety program. There'll also be a discussion on the Olympic games.

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