Valour and the Horror, The (Miniseries) (1992)

Valour and the Horror, The
This three-part series closely scrutinizes three WWII military campaigns that involved thousands of Canadians.

Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941: In the autumn of 1941, nearly 2,000 mostly inexperienced Canadian soldiers were sent to Hong Kong at the request of the British government which mistakenly thought that a symbolic show of strength would deter a Japanese attack on the colony. When the British colony of Hong Kong officially surrendered to Japan on Christmas Day, 1941, the surviving defenders became prisoner of war

Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command: More than 50,000 Canadian airmen served in the campaign to bomb Germany. For those who survived, the sheer terror and sense of helplessness left an indelible scar

In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944: On June 6th 1944, a combined force of American, British and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. Canada's infantry and armored regiments were thrown against Germany's elite troops and tank divisions. The price they paid was enormous.

Terence McKenna .... Narrator (voice)
Andrew Tarbet .... John Payne
Jean-Michel Henry .... Armand Bourbonniere
Randy Hughson .... Laurie Mackay
David Hewlett .... Walter Jenkins
Keibo Oiwa .... Japanese officer
Greg Spottiswood .... John Stroud
Paul-Augustin Querton .... Roger Cyr
Brooke Johnson .... Kay Christie
Martin Julien .... Les Canivet
Andrew Miller .... Ike Friesen
Jeremy Ratchford .... Fred Reich
Shinsuki Adachi .... Himself (Japanese Imperial Army)
Robert Clayton .... Himself (Royal Rifles of Canada)
Bob Grillo .... Himself (US Navy)
Shigetoki Hitoki .... Himself (Japanese Imperial Army)
Shuichi Kawata .... Himself (Japanese Imperial Army)
Robert Manchester .... Himself (Winnipeg Grenadiers) (also archive footage)
Graeme Campbell .... Sir Arthur Harris
Gilbert Turp .... Joseph
Nicholas Shields .... Jim Moffat
Janne Mortil .... Mary 'Bubbles' Moore
Hamish McEwan .... R. G. Dale
Andrew Gillies .... Freeman Dyson
Mark Burgess .... Mervin Flemming
Patric Creeman .... George Laird
Duncan Ollerenshaw .... Joseph Corbally
J.H. Wyman .... Lloyd Smith
Glen Peloso .... John Stainton
Bill Parrott .... William Paul Soeder
Alex Guard .... Pat Clapham
Jonathan Wilson .... James Morrison
Simon Bradbury .... Edward Ashford
Gerry Quigley .... Viril Bartlett
Julian Richings .... John Crocker
Stephen Russell .... Dan Cunningham
Colin O'Meara .... Bruce Ducal
Stewart Arnott .... Harry Foster
Neil Munro .... Rod Keller
Nigel Bennett .... Kurt Meyer
Wayne Robson .... Donald Pearce
Adrian Hough .... German Officer
Nicholas Campbell .... Guy Simonds
Patrick Goyette .... Joseph Le Boutillier
Jacques Dextraze .... Himself (Fusiliers Mont-Royal)
Roman Jarymowycz .... Himself (Canadian Staff College)
Sydney Radley-Walters .... Himself (Sherbrooke Regiment)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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