Valentine's Day (TV Movie) (1998)

Aka: Protector

Valentine's Day
Detective Jack Valentine is reinstated from his desk job to go back onto the streets. His first assignment ends with the death of a mobster who was about to turn states evidence. The killing came as the mobster was with his girlfriend Alma. Jack suspects Alma of being involved - even more so when he finds her involved with one of the mob family, Michael. However he begins to fall for her himself and finds himself involved in the deadly game where not everything is what it seems.

Mario Van Peebles....Jack Valentine
Zehra Leverman....Alma
Randy Quaid....Phil
Rae Dawn Chong....Sally
Stewart Bick....Nocera
Ben Gazzara....Joe Buddha
John Bourgeois....Keenan
Frank Crudele....Tommy
Susan Kottman....Mrs. Duckworth
David Hemblen....Jennings
Sandi Ross....Lina
Nicholas Pasco....Tony D
A. Frank Ruffo....Priest
Eleanor Davis....PR Woman
Tony Meyler....Barman
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