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Jul 1, 1963 - Season debut: This weekday series for youngsters will originate from six locations each day: Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa and Montreal. Hosts are Bruce Rogers, Toronto; Norman Young, Vancouver; George Knight, Winnipeg; Lloyd Maclnnes, Halifax; and Anne Hodson and Peter Dodson, Ottawa. (60 min.)

Jul 8, 1963 - From Toronto, with Bruce Rogers and Donnalu Wigmore, They Always Come Back. Migration of ducks and geese. A representative of the Audubon Society is guest. The Painted Stallion, episode two. Starring Hoot Gibson.

Jul 9, 1963 - From Vancouver — How the Harbour Was Born. Host is Bob Switzer. Norman Young and a group of children go through Stanley Park to Harbour Shore on the HMCS Discovery to meet a group of drilling sea cadets. They watch a skin-diving demonstration, talk to a deep-sea diver and enjoy a water-ski display.

Jul 10, 1963 - The first program from the Prairies of the summer season show for youngsters. Producer, Dave Ruskin. Each Wednesday, host George Knight will introduce the three segments: Who's Who at the Zoo. Georges LaFleche takes us on a visit to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, shows a film on Siberian tigers, and then tells the story of The Tiger Who Wanted An Office Job. Georges also has composed an original tune about tigers, with words supplied by Goldie Gelmon, which he sings. A Camping Holiday. This is the beginning of a summer camping adventure for four boys — Jeff Manishen, Paul Buckowski, David Parasz, and Geoffrey Ireland — as they take to the wilds with nationally-known outdoor sportsman Per Holting. This first program shows them arriving at their campsite on the banks of the Red River. Playground Players. In Edmonton a group of children are entertained in a "park" by the Playground Players, who act out two stories: Three Billy Goats Gruff; and their own version of Red Riding Hood.

Jul 11, 1963 - From Ottawa— A Tour of the Capital. Teen-aged hosts Ann Hodson and Peter Dodson take viewers on a tour of Ottawa, watching the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill, and seeing the Archives, Rideau Canal, City Hall, the Museum, and Faraway Places Corner.

Jul 12, 1963 - From Toronto - The Weather, introduced by Bruce Rogers and Toby Tarnow. Two films on the weather are seen: one about the making of a storm, the second about barometers. Another short film, Betwixt and Between, tells the history of the sandwich. Finally, episode three of The Painted Stallion, starring Hoot Gibson.

Jul 15, 1963 - Bruce Rogers presents a film showing the relationship between art and music. "The Painted Stallion," part 4, with Hoot Gibson. (60 min.)

Jul 16, 1963 - "Who Put the Mountain There?" shows Norman Young and a group of youngsters on a hike. Bob Switzer is host, (60 min.)

Jul 17, 1963 - Red River Camp: The morning routine at the camp is shown. Georges LaFleche shows films of the birds at Assiniboine Zoo, Winnipeg. (60 min.)

Jul 18, 1963 - "Romance of Railroading" shows Canadian railroading past, present and future. Sheridan Nelson and Syd Davison are hosts. (60 min.)

Jul 19, 1963 - A coin collector talks about the history of money and a policeman shows how counterfeit money is detected. Bruce Rogers and Toby Tarnow are hosts. (60 min.)

Jul 22, 1963 - From Toronto, with Bruce Rogers and Donnalu Wigmore. Syd Hill of Trinidad explains the intricacies of steel drum music, followed by another episode of The Painted Stallion.

Jul 23, 1963 - From Vancouver, with host Dan McAfee. Fish 'n' Fun. Norman Young and a group of children talk to professional fishermen fishing on a dock. A chef prepares a fish barbecue. Bud Spencer arrives in a small boat and sings songs of fishermen.

Jul 24, 1963 - From Winnipeg, with host George Knight. Dave Ruskin, producer. Who's Who at the Zoo. At Assiniboine Park Zoo, we see camels and dromedaries. Georges LaFleche sings "Drive a Dromedary", and tells the story of the cross-country camel rally. A Camping Holiday. Early morning at the campsite on the Red River. Per Holting tries to shave, but the continuous interruptions from the four boys-Jeff Manishen. Paul Buekowsky, David Parasz. and Geoffrey Ireland — make it hard going. The boys also try their hand at cooking porridge for breakfast. Playground Players. In Edmonton. Shirley Burnham, Judy Unwin, Phillip Silver. Victor Sutton, and John Madill present their dramatization of Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Jul 25, 1963 - From Ottawa. Hosts, Ann Hodson and Peter Dodson. A look at children's theatre activities in Ottawa, from improvised groups in backyards to organized groups and schools.

Jul 26, 1963 - From Toronto, with Bruce Rogers and Toby Tarnow. Transportation, Past and Future. The program contrasts travel in the jet age with that of a bygone era — steam engines.

Jul 29, 1963 - A feature on the National Youth Orchestra which will soon be taking a national tour. Interviews are held with the orchestra's conductor Walter Susskind as well as with some playing members of the orchestra.

Aug 2, 1963 - The first of the two-part series It Can Be Told.

Aug 5, 1963 - Now It Can Be Told. The second of two programs about the wartime underground in Paris, a British film about wartime saboteurs, from their training to actual assignment. Featured is an interview with Maurice de Cherigny who spent the war years in this type of work. Also shown is a film, The Painted Stallion with Hoot Gibson. Co-hosts are Bruce Rogers and Donnalu Wigmore.

Aug 6, 1963 - From Vancouver. Norman Young takes a group of students to Lost Lagoon where they set up a camp and watch the boating on the Lagoon, the feeding of the ducks, and art students at work. Some of the children are given a tennis lesson on a nearby court.

Aug 7, 1963 - 1. Who's Who at the Zoo. Georges LaFleche introduces the youngsters to the bears at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, then sings a song and tells about The Volatile Vivaldis, a trio of high wire circus performers. 2. A Camping Holiday. Cooking. Another episode in which four boys are on a camping holiday with outdoors-man Per Holting. Today, Per and the boys return from an afternoon swim and prepare for the evening meal. Each boy decides what he wants to cook—David, hamburgers: Paul, hot-dogs; Jeffrey, kabobs: Jeff, "Skunk-striped sweet-toothed stew." They proceed on their prospective meals and when done each boy samples the other's wares. 3. Playground Players. Edmonton's junior actors present a dramatization of Rumplestiltskin. Dave Ruskin, producer.

Aug 8, 1963 - From Ottawa, with Ann Hodson and Peter Dodson. A program about farms.

Aug 9, 1963 - Computers. Two films and a discussion on the functions of computers with emphasis on their uses in space flights. A specialist from IBM is interviewed. Also shown is The Painted Stallion. with Hoot Gibson. From Toronto, with hosts Bruce Rogers and Toby Tarnow.

Aug 12, 1963 - Bruce Rogers and Donnalu Wigmore talk about coin collecting. There's an episode of "The Painted Stallion." (60 min.)

Aug 13, 1963 - Dan McAfee and Norman Young visit Vancouver Harbor. (60 min.)

Aug 15, 1963 - Syd Davison and Sheridan Nelson attend a teen-age auto rodeo. (60 min.)

Aug 16, 1963 - Bruce Rogers and Toby Tarnow show a film on genetics. (60 min.)

Sep 9, 1963 - From Toronto, with Bruce Rogers and Donnalu Wigmore who present an all-musical program filmed at the Canadian National Exhibition Grandstand. Featuring The Travellers, Jack Landers and Valerie Siren.

Sep 10, 1963 - Norman Young visits Totem Park at the University of British Columbia where historical totem poles are preserved and new ones are being carved by Bill Reid, a descendant of B.C.'s Haida Indians. At the park viewers see five Indian children who are visiting the park with Father Powers of the Mission City Indian Residential School. Also shown is a CBC Vancouver film entitled Totem Poles.

Sep 11, 1963 - 1. The Playground Players act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 2. Red River Camp. George Knight pays a visit to the camp site of Per Holting and his group of boys. 3. Who's Who at the Zoo. This week's subject is Demoiselle Cranes. George LaFleche tells the story of the New Member of the Crane Family.

Sep 12, 1963 - Norman Young and Dan McAfee take a group of children from a Vancouver boys' club for a tour aboard the P. as id O. liner Orianna. The ship has arrived from Southampton via Bermuda and the Panama Canal and has stopped at the ports of Vancouver enroute to Australia.

Sep 13, 1963 - 1. Lloyd MacInnes talks with Clarence Oickle at the Junior Guides Camp. 2. Lloyd interviews Mike Gillis of the CBC Farm and Fish department about eels. 3. Marine painter Bill DeGarthe paints a seascape. 4. Dr. Sherman Gleakney talks about collecting snakes as a hobby. 5. Lloyd talks to three boys who keep snakes and turtles as a hobby.

Sept 16, 1963 - Time. From Toronto, with Bruce Rogers and Donnalu Wigmore. Films discuss the different ways of measuring and beating time and a clock specialist presents some different kinds of time measures. A leading Canadian athlete talks about running against the clock. Also another episode in a film entitled The Painted Stallion.

Sept 17, 1963 - Accompanying Norman Young on a visit to Max Zimmerman's Maple Ridge Riding Centre are Hilda Mortimer and children from Fraserview Boys' Club. Zimmerman. who trained in horsemanship at the Vienna Riding Academy, is interviewed and some of his pupils put on a display of horsemanship. He talks about grooming and the care of horses and Hilda talks with the Centre's blacksmith about horseshoeing.

Sept 18, 1963 - 1. The subject for the Playground Players this week is Tom Sawyer. 2. Red River Camp. Per Holting and the four boys go on a treasure hunt. 3. Who's Who at the Zoo. Georges LaFleche's subjects this week are bobcats and lynxes.

Sept 19, 1963 - From Ottawa, with Peter Dodson and Ann Hodson. A visit to the junior, senior and family Red Pine "Y" Camp at Golden Lake.

Sept 20, 1963 - From Halifax, with Lloyd MacInnes. 1. Lloyd pays a visit to Clarence Oickle at the Junior Guides training camp. 2. The Guitar. A history of the instrument traced by guitarist Carol Van Feggelen. 3. A tour of the Halifax Citadel. 4. Donald Crowdis, director of the Nova Scotia Museum of Science, talks about strange items from the Citadel Hill Museum. 5. Dr. Shem1an Bleakney talks about frogs.

Sep 23, 1963 - Bruce Rogers and Toby Tarnow talk to a representative from the government of India tourist office and show films of an elephant hunt and a ceremonial dance. (60 min.)

Sep 24, 1963 - Dan McAfee, Norman Young and a group of boys visit a private airport near Vancouver. (60 min.)

Sep 25, 1963 - Playground players: "The Baby and the Last Dodo." Who's who at the zoo: Georges LaFleche describes some of the activities at the Assisiniboine Zoo. (60 min.)

Sep 26, 1963 - Dan McAfee, Norman Young and the boys visit an old fort on Vancouver Island. (60 min.)

Sep 27, 1963 - Lloyd Mclnnis interviews marine artist Jack Gray. Don Crowdis talks about lobsters. (60 min.)

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