Episode Guide - Vacant Lot, The (Series) (1994)

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Aug 1, 1994 - Comedy skits include: Blinded By The Light; Boxing; You May Go...Now; Chamber of Horrors; Shiatzu; Customs; and music video "Slept on His Arms."

Aug 8, 1994 - Comedy skits include: The Time Helmet; Five Bucks!; Mr. Wiggle's Clubhouse; The Head of the Month; and Pamper Me.

Aug 15, 1994 - Comedy skits include: Laundry Day Fashions; Steamies; Burglar and Dog; Bonnet Of Mice and Snoopy (a parody of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men."); The Silent Ventriloquist; and music video "We're Gonna Get Lucky Tonight."

Sep 12, 1994 - Comedy skits include: Chocolate Mousse; Nose Clippers; Pants! The Musical; Bus Stop; I'm Bored; Trash Can Fight; Pizza Delivery.

Sep 19, 1994 - Comedy skits include: Police Line-Up; Emergency Rescue; Jesus in the Classroom; Pygmalion; The Thread; Knee Slap.

Sep 26, 1994 - Comedy skits include: Party Music; Killing Your Dad; Dance Avant de Tomber; Was the Party Too Loud, Mr. Smithers?; Eggtown Boy; My Music Will Live On; and music video "(This Song's Gonna Make A) Great Video."

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