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May 28, 1973 - Guests tonight are movie actress Patricia Neal who suffered a crippling stroke several years ago, and Harrison Salisbury of the New York Times.

Jun 4, 1973 - Host Lorraine Thomson talks with U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy and Premier Peter Lougheed of Alberta.

Jun 11, 1973 - Guests on the show are wrestler Whipper Billy Watson and Sen. Keith Davey.

Jun 18, 1973 - Tonight's guests are interior designer Pierre DesHayes and U.S. presidential candidate, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.

Jun 27, 1973 - Tonight's guests are veteran CBC broadcaster Elwood Glover and hockey star Paul Henderson.

Jul 2, 1973 - Tonight's guests are broadcaster and Front Page Challenge panelist Betty Kennedy, and former evangelist, Marjoe, who is now seeking an acting career.

Jul 9, 1973 - Tonight's guests are retired RCMP officer Bill Fraser and Eddie Egan, the super cop from New York whose work was dramatized in the movie, The French Connection.

Jul 16, 1973 - Royal Family photographer Ray Bellisario and Bruce McLeod, current and youngest moderator of the United Church of Canada are tonight's guests.

Jul 23, 1973 - Guests are Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin and Lorne Green.

Jul 30, 1973 - Front Page Challenge panelist and veteran newsman Gordon Sinclair and British Labor Party economic advisor Lord Balogh are interviewed tonight.

Aug 6, 1973 - Premier Alex Campbell of Prince Edward Island and Juliette are tonight's guests.

Aug 27, 1973 - Tonight's guests are Chief Dan George and Sir Rudolph Bing, former head of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City

Sep 10, 1974 - Guests: Sheila Scott, actress-turned-pilot, and New York artist Ralph Fasanella, Lorraine Thomson is the series hostess. [Last show of the season.]

Jul 31, 1977 - Actor Rosanno Brazzi discusses his 34-year marriage, and his friendships with Sophia Loren and Anna Magnani in a 1974 interview with Lorraine Thomson.

Aug 1, 1977 - Actress Nanette Fabray talks about her work with an organization for the deaf, and her concern for widows' rights. Host: Lorraine Thompson.

Sep 12, 1977 - Guests: Joe Haines, press secretary to former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson; and Rosemary Dudley, who talks about migraine headaches. Interviewer: Lorraine Thomson. [Last show of the season]

Jan 22, 1978 - With host Lorraine Thomson talks with multi-talented Broadway stage and screen star Nanette Fabray.

Apr 1, 1978 - Guests: Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw, an early proponent of birth control; and hockey player Bobby Hull. Interviewer: Lorraine Thomson.

Apr 15, 1978 - Guests: Russell Train, former head of the US Environmental Protection Agency; and Toronto Sun columnist Max Haines, who talks about famous crimes.

Apr 22, 1978 - Guest: Edward Heath, former British Prime Minister. Lorraine Thomson is the interviewer.

Apr 29, 1978 - Lorraine Thomson's guests are biologist Dr. Herbert Boyer, one of the discoverers of Recombinant DNA, talking about the 'creation' of other beings; and John Damien, former race-track stewart who was fired for his homosexuality.

May 6, 1978 - Guests include Frank Ed Ray, the Chowchilla, Cal., bus driver who was kidnaped and held captive with 26 schoolchildren in May 1976.

May 27, 1978 - Interviews with Emmy Award-winning TV director Norman Campbell and with a world-champion calf-roper.

Jun 3, 1978 - Guests: actor Jonathan Welsh and journalist Alex Barris. [Last show of the season]

Apr 1, 1979 - Return: A seventh season of interviews with people in the public eye who have appeared as mystery guests on "Front Page Challenge." Guests in the opener: George Cardinal Flahiff and journalist Pierre Bourgault. Lorraine Thomson is the hostess.

Apr 8, 1979 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Sam Pollock, former General Manager with the Montreal Canadiens and Myron Farber, the New York Times reporter who was recently jailed for failure to reveal his news sources.

Apr 29, 1979 - Guests: lawyer Vincent Bugliosi and sculptor Edwina Sandys.

May 6, 1979 - Guests: actor John Forsythe and pianist Andre Gagnon.

May 20, 1979 - Today's guests are Janet Guthrie, first woman driver to qualify for the Indy 500 and Godfrey Talbot, biographer of Her Majesty The Queen Mother.

May 27, 1979 - Guests:. Spanky McFarland, former child star of the "Our Gang" series, and Senator David Croll.

Jun 3, 1979 - Pierre Bourgault, separatist and former leader of RIN, and Cardinal Flahiff of Winnipeg who was instrumental in selecting two Popes.

Jun 9, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Herbert Boyer into DNA research to make new life forms; and John Damien. racetrack steward, fired be cause of homosexuality.

Jun 10, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Arlene Francis, panelist on 'What's My Line' and Jimmy Jimenez, jail guard tor Patty Hearst.

Jun 11, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Sam Pollock, general manager of the Montreal Canadiens and Myron Faber, New York Times reporter.

Jun 12, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Sir Edward Heath, former Prime Minister of England.

Jun 13, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Susan Nattras, world trap shooting champion and Reuben Pecarve, Montreal hypnotherapist.

Jun 23, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with country star Wilf Carter and hockey star Darryl Sittler.

Jun 24, 1980 - The guests include crime columnist Max Haines: and Russell Train, former head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Jun 25, 1980 - Actor Rossano Brazzi tells what it's like to be a sex symbol.

Jun 26, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Britain's top racing pilot Sheila Scott and New York artist Ralph Fasanella.

Jun 27, 1980 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Eric Walter White, an expert on Igor Stravinsky and Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon.

Dec 6, 1982 - Comedienne Anna Russell is the guest.

Dec 8, 1982 - Guests include a female prison warden.

Dec 10, 1982 - Guests include Juanita Castro, sister of the Cuban leader.

Dec 20, 1982 - Lorraine Thompson interviews Senator Teresa Cisgrain and Doug Hallett, research scientist with the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Dec 22, 1982 - Lorraine Thompson talks with British Labor MP Phillip Whitehead and actress June Havoc.

Dec 24, 1982 - Guests include United Church of Canada moderator Lois Wilson.

Dec 31, 1982 - Guests include Dr. Carl Hocevar, safety expert for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Mar 11, 1983 - Lorraine Thomson' talks with the late Teresa Casgrain, the senator who single-handedly got the vote for women' in Quebec Also on the show is research scientist Douglas Hallett.

Mar 25, 1983 - Lorraine Thomson talks with Leonard Matlovich, a homosexual who was discharged from the American Air Force. Also on the program is Gail Riddal, a blind woman whose seeing-eye dog was refused passage on an airline.

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