Urban Angel (Series) (1991-1992)

Urban Angel
This show, broadcast after midnight, revolves around a newspaper, The Montreal Tribune. Victor Torres, an ex-con who took a fall for his friend Dino Moroni, was hired by the paper's editor, Francine Primeau, after he was paroled. Victor uses his contacts in the underworld to dig out stories about crime. Also on the paper are the city editor, Bob; Bill Rack, the old reporter awaiting retirement, and Rachel Kane, the young reporter; Hubie Collison, the copy editor; Sylvie Belanger, the police reporter; and the staff photographer, Marine Beaudoin.

Justin Louis....Victor Torres
Vittorio Rossi....Dino Moroni
Jack Langedijk....Bob Vanverdan
Arthur Grosser....Bill Rack
Ellen David....Rachel Kane
Michael Rudder....Hubie Collison
Jocelyne Zucco....Martine Beaudoin
Sophie Lorain....Sylvie Belanger
Françoise Robertson....Nicole
Vlasta Vrana....Lt. Drabeck
Berke Lawrence....Alex Noble
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