Upside Town (Series) (1968)

The show Barney Boomer was retitled and expanded in 1968. Barney was phased out of the show as scripts paid more attention to the other people of Cedarville. A number of other actors and characters remained from the earlier show and several new actors joined the cast. The program also continued to include in its time slot the kids' quiz show, Swingaround.

John Clayton....Barney Boomer
Claire Drainie....Ma Parkin
Jack Duffy....Eddie Power
Ted Follows....Brian Scobie
Trevor Evans....Harvey Fleetwood
Lynne Gorman....Florence Kozy (early episodes)
Pam Hyatt....Florence Kozy (later episodes)
Gerard Parkes....Sam Oliver
Claude Rae....Mr. Andrews
Franz Russell....Town Councillor
Rex Sevenoaks....Capt. Boomer
Danny McIlravey
Trudy Young....Trudy
Liza Ross....Cynthia Clover

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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