Up at Ours (Series) (1978-1982)

Up at Ours
Up at Ours was the first Newfoundland-produced drama series ever to hit the CBC network. The show was a lively comedy-drama series created by Gordon Pinsent and produced at CBC St John's. It was set in a not-so-run-of-the-mill St. John's boarding house run by Mrs. Ball, played by Mary Walsh. Mrs. Ball has operated the boarding house for 15 years and her compassion was tempered with a bit of fun and a devil-may-care attitude. Mrs. Ball had a star boarder — Jack House, a shy, withdrawn man, an expert at the one-line putdown. Among the other characters were Dolph, the taxi driver and Mrs. O'Mara, close friend and neighbour of Mrs. Ball.

Ray Guy .... Jack House
Kevin Noble .... Dolph Sweet
Janice Spence .... Mrs. O'Mara
Mary Walsh .... Verna Ball

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, CBNT

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I loved this show , it's so much like small town Newfoundland.

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