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Oct 2, 1958 - "A Terribly Strange Bed," a production of Wilke Collins' thriller.

Oct 9, 1958 - "Master Used-to-Be," a time-fantasy by Hal Hackaday, An eight-year-old boy claims he remembers events which happened many years before he was born.

Oct 23, 1958 - "The Ikon of Elijah" by Avrum Davidson, adapted for TV by Norah Perez. A story of intrigue set in modern-day Cyprus about the attempts of Carplus, an unscrupulous dealer in antiques, to gain possession of a priceless 10th century ikon.

Nov 20, 1958 - "The Three Strangers." Thomas Hardy's short story concerns a hangman's presence at a christening party in an English Inn.

Dec 4, 1958 - "Through A Glass Darkly." The tale of a gifted man living in Nazi Germany in 1938, who can foresee the future for others, but not himself.

Dec 25, 1958 - "The Key." A ghost story with a Christmas setting.

Jan 1, 1959 - "The Mask," a drama about a petty thief who steals a valise from a man who works for the prefecture of police in Paris. The thief discovers that he has a prize that will lead to great wealth and also to lessons in murder.

Jan 22, 1959 - "The Monsters." A science-fiction story by Bob Foshko, with teleplay by Charles O'Neill. Two young scientists, Marlo and Ro, attempt a rocket trip that could make them the first Martians to set foot on the planet Earth.

Jan 29, 1959 - Returning to her home on a stormy night, a woman finds herself in deadly peril when she discovers evidences of murder.

Feb 5, 1959 - "The End of the Rope," by Norah Perez, from a story by Marjory Allingham. A woman revisits the scenes of her childhood, and is confronted by a friend's terrible secret involving visits from a sinister neighbour and the smell of smoke from a locked room.

Feb 12, 1959 - "The Late Departed." With the absence of a body, Oliver Talbot, a man successful in both business and romance, is certain that he cannot be convicted of murder.

Feb 19, 1959 - "Mademoiselle Fifi," adapted for TV by Paul Slocomb from a short story by Guy de Maupassant. The story takes place in occupied France during the Franco-Prussian War. Three German officers have commandeered a chateau in Normandy. One of them, a fierce and foppish officer named Fifi, arranges for three girls to join them for dinner in the chateau.

Feb 26, 1959 - "Follow Me," a drama by A. J. Russell. A man spends his time staring at his father's tombstone and making mysterious trips to a doctor. He is tortured by a strange secret power which is alienating him from his wife and friends.

Mar 5, 1959 - A drama by Evelyn Waugh. The story tells of an impoverished Irish lady who lives in an old run-down mansion. She comes across some valuable books, sells them, and hires some servants in preparation for a party.

Mar 19, 1959 - "Early One Morning." The story tells of a young couple suddenly awakened from a sound sleep for no apparent reason. A strange penetrating fear builds within them as they discover that all the tenants in the building are awake, and the pigeons in the courtyard are flying in circles, as if gripped by a feeling of impending doom. Diana van der Vlis will star, along with Richard Easton.

Mar 26, 1959 - "Mr. Brisher's Treasure," a comedy by H. G. Well. The story concerns the adventures of an unemployed young man who becomes engaged to the daughter of a highly respectable family, and discovers their garden is a resting place for a treasure chest.

Apr 2, 1959 - A drama by Michael Dyne. The story set in a European country ruled by a dictator, tells of a woman's frantic attempts to save her husband from execution.

Apr 8, 1959 - The drama to be seen is "Where The Wheel Stops."

Apr 15, 1959 - An original teleplay by John Clement, set in New Orleans at the time of the Mardi Gras. The story tells of two greedy relatives of an ailing, wealthy old man, due to inherit his money, who try to scare him to death by using a mechanical monster.

Apr 22, 1959 - "Cabin 13," a mystery drama by Lester Powell.

Apr 29, 1959 - "Rendezvous," an original teleplay by Gil Braun, tells of an invisible man and the girl who is the only person able to see him.

May 6, 1959 - An original teleplay written and produced by Melwyn Breen. The story tells of a desperate drug addict who kills a man in a holdup. A little boy sees the hold-up.

May 20, 1959 - "Perilous Journey," by Ann Howard. A British spy in Central Europe learns that he is to be arrested by the secret police. The underground helps him escape with a forged passport.

May 27, 1959 - A French count and a Spanish officer must choose between death and the honor of a lady.

Jun 3, 1959 - The sheriff of a small town tries to prevent a lynching of a prisoner who is confined in a death cell.

Jun 10, 1959 - The Unforeseen tells the story of a man who thinks he is made of transparent glass and awakens to find himself in an institution. The drama is by Robert Lewis.

Jun 17, 1959 - "Change Of Address." starring Canadian actor Eric House. He portrays a mild man, Charles Wilson, who moves from Toronto to California for his health, with his wife. A dominating woman, she is unhappy with her new home, but Charles is delighted with it, especially with its damp, soft, easy to dig dirt floor.

Jun 24, 1959 - "Mr. Wickard's Wallet," by Joseph de Courcey. An influential gangster who has never been brought to justice finds himself on trial for murder. He feels that he will be found guilty only of manslaughter because of a wallet containing $1,000 which he had given to one of the jurors, with a promise of more money to come.

Jul 8, 1959 - "The Quality Of Fear," a story by Susan Heavy adapted by Ronald Weyman. During the depression of the 1930's, a "footer" or tramp stops at a house in a small rural community to earn money for food. The tramp steals money from a 10-year-old girl who lives there and threatens to kill her it she tells her parents.

Jul 15, 1959 - "The Trial Of John Nobody" is the story of a man who becomes the centre of a heated controversy when he shoots a speaker at a public meeting after the speaker has said: "All right, God, I invite you to destroy me. I dare you to do it! It you are really up there, give us some proof," The controversy rages over whether the man is a divine agent or a ruthless killer. The play was produced by Charles Jarrott.

Jul 22, 1959 - "Three Marked Pennies" tells of three marked coins, placed in circulation in a quiet town. Excitement rises as posters are put up announcing gifts to the three people who end up with the coins. The prizes are $100,000, a trip around the world, and death.

Jul 29, 1959 - A family finds it hard to believe radio reports that a South American town has been swallowed up by what appears to be a huge spider web, until a terrifying object falls on the house.

Nov 18, 1959 - "Checkmate." A young count challenges the king to a game of chess, with his mechanical chess player. Stars of the shaw are John Colicos, Chris Wiggins and Marcia Morris.

Dec 2, 1959 - "Heaven Can Wait." Barry Morse plays the role of a murdered man and the investigator of his own murder.

Dec 9, 1959 - "The Freedom Fighters," a play dealing with unusual reprisals a government makes against young resistance workers.

Dec 16, 1959 - "The Metronome," a story of the terror that results from a boy's resentment of his stepmother.

Dec 30, 1959 - "A Shelter For The Night," a murder story by Robert Arthur. Appearing in the play are William Bell, Sharon Acker, Larry Mann, Eric Clavering and Leonard Antkean.

Jan 6, 1960 - The Doomdorf Mystery by Melville Post. The play deals with the unravelling of the mystery of too many confessions to a murder.

Jan 13, 1960 - The Tintype, a mystery story set in the Victoria era adapted for television by Vincent McConnor.

Jan 20, 1960 - The Voice, the story of a young New Yorker who is terrorized by a series of phone calls. Starring in the production are Susan Douglas, Linda Ballantyne and George Robertson.

Jan 27, 1960 - The Haunted, the story of a shipwrecked young couple who find refuge in a haunted house.

Feb 3, 1960 - A drama called When Greek Meets Greek in which a former Oxford tutor snares a wealthy aristocrat as a pupil.

Feb 10, 1960 - Desire, a play in which a man is asked what he desires most in the world in repayment for saving a man's life

Feb 17, 1960 - The Brooch, a mystery drama set in England

Mar 2, 1960 - The Proposal, a story which takes place in Paris, Monte Carlo and in a small town in Canada

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