Under the Umbrella Tree (Series) (1987-1993)

Under the Umbrella Tree
What do Gloria the Gopher, Iggy and Iguana and Jacob the Blue Jay have in common? They all share a bright cozy apartment on Spring Street with a young woman named Holly. Holly is a freelance artist who loves her animal friends. She takes care of them by providing a secure and happy place to live. The urban apartment, which contains a giant "Umbrella" tree, is the centre of action for this entertaining series catering to the preschool crowd. In this setting, the four inhabitants learn from each other and experience everyday ups and downs and meet other friends who drop by.

Holly Larocque....Holly Higgins/Mitzi the dog (voice)
Bob Stutt....Iggy Iguana/Chuck Chickadee/Cousin Emmett (voice)
Noreen Young....Gloria Gopher/Mrs. McMurtry (voice)
Stephen Brathwaite....Jacob Bluejay (voice)
Michelle St. John....(voice)
Conrad Bain....Simon (voice)
Jessica Stutt....Jess

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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