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Aug 3, 1966 - "The Courting Stage." Deals with the process of young people finding themselves, and then a mate, and leaving home to establish their own families. (Take Thirty airdate: May 1, 1966)

Aug 10, 1966 - "The Young Family." The second in the series discusses the young family and what happens when the wife becomes pregnant and is forced to give up her job. (Take Thirty airdate: May 8, 1966)

Aug 17, 1966 - "Two Generations." As children and parents grow older, the young people are "stretching their wings" and preparing to leave the nest. Anna Cameron talks with Dr. Garnet Hamblin, Toronto pediatrician, and Dr. Paul Steinhauer, psychiatrist. (Take Thirty airdate: May 15, 1966)

Sep 7, 1966 - "Parents Without Partners." Two women and a man talk of having to play two roles in the family, because of the death of a marriage partner, separation or divorce... bringing up children without the moral and practical support of a partner. (Take Thirty airdate: May 29, 1966)

Sep 14, 1966 - "Remarriage." Considers some of the adjustments to be made in remarriage, what kind of remarriages are the best risks and how one copes with the past when a second family is formed. Anna Cameron and Dr. Ben Schlesinger discuss remarriages and stepchildren. (Take Thirty airdate: Jun 5, 1966)

The following episode did not air in the stand-alone series:

"The Empty Nest." Once the children have left home, there are new adjustments to be made. (Take Thirty airdate: May 22, 1966)

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