Episode Guide - Under Attack (Series) (1967-1974)

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(sampling of episodes in no specific order)

With Pierre Berton. Rev. James Spears, the national chaplain of the KKK, is jeered and ridiculed by students at the University of Western Ontario when he claims whites are superior to blacks.

An interview with American lawyer William Kunstler, who was involved in the Chicago 7 conspiracy trial. With Fred Davis.

Is the work ethic being destroyed by social welfare? Scarborough (Ont.) controller Karl Mallette claims it is and defends his view at McMaster University in Hamilton. Bill Walker is the host.

Sex education: Gloria Lentz, author of "Raping Our Children," discusses her views at McGill University in Montreal.

Guest: Alan Borovy

Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione is questioned by students at the University of Toronto.

The resolution that sports can only be profitable if there is exploitation is supported by students at Hamilton's McMaster University. (60 min.)

Increasing discipline in homes and schools is the proposal of William S. Thomson, vice president of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. First of two shows. (60 min.)

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