Uncle Chichimus (Series) (1952-1954)

Aka: Let's See

Uncle Chichimus
"Uncle Chichimus" was one of the first live television productions to originate in Canada, preceded only by a news bulletin when CBC-TV went to air on day one. Created by John Conway, the program began as part of a weekday, early evening family program called "Let's See," and quickly became a daily children's favourite.

Uncle Chichimus "Chich" and Hollyhock "Holly" were faded out of the programming because they didn't fit into the new public affairs show, "Tabloid", which began airing in 1953.

In 1958, Chich and Holly returned to CBC, and starred in the series "Adventures of Chich."

John Conway....Uncle Chichimus/Holly Hock (voice)
Larry D. Mann....Regular
Percy Saltzman....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Adventures of Chich, The (1958-1959)
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